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Experience the Charm: Highland Cow Meet and Greet Adventures!

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Join Us for the Pendleton County Farm Tour!

We are thrilled to participate in the Pendleton County Farm Tour! This free event is a fantastic opportunity to explore local farms, learn about agricultural practices, and connect with the community. Visit our farm and experience the charm of Hilltop Highlands. For more details, please visit the Pendleton County Farm Tour website. We look forward to welcoming you!

Charming image of two Highland cows at a meet and greet, showcasing their distinctive long hair and horns against a pastoral backdrop.

We're Open for Highland Cow Meet and Greets!

We're thrilled to announce our spring season reopening, featuring our special Highland Cow Meet and Greet! As we welcome back our cherished returnees, we're also excited to greet new faces. The Highlands have eagerly awaited your visit, ready to offer an unforgettable experience with our majestic cows.


Join us to create lasting memories this season, connecting personally with the heart of our farm. Your Highland adventure awaits!

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The Hilltop Shop

Explore the Hilltop Shop, your go-to destination combining local charm with the spirit of our Highland Cow Meet and Greet. From the comfort of our Physical Storefront offering shipping options, to exclusive Digital Downloads that capture the essence of the highlands, and the unique Highland Holding Pen experience, there's something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the world of Highland cows and bring a piece of the highlands home with you. Dive into a shopping experience where tradition meets modern convenience.

Heartwarming scene of a young child on a toy tractor engaging with a friendly Highland cow during a meet and greet in a sunlit field.

Discover the enchanting world of our farm with our exclusive Highland Cow Meet and Greet! This unique experience invites you to step into the serene beauty of the highlands, where you can interact closely with our majestic Highland cows. Embrace the opportunity to connect with these gentle giants, learn about their care, and create memorable moments. Perfect for families, animal enthusiasts, or anyone looking to immerse themselves in farm life, our Meet and Greet is an unforgettable way to bond with nature and witness the charm of the highlands up close.

hilltop highlands cattle farm

The Family

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